Insight Vacations Offers New Domestic Escapes

Insight Vacations has announced July 6 that it will be offering a new travel style called Escapes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a travel style that emphasizes social distancing and preventative measures to stay healthy and safe while discovering the beauty and culture of America. Escapes are American-based

New Las Vegas Hotel Set to Open Later This Year

Las Vegas is generally known as an adult town. Oh, it tried the whole family atmosphere thing years and years ago but, in the end, there’s a reason why it’s known as Sin City and its motto is What Happens Here Only Happens Here. Now Vegas is set to welcome

The New Travel Frontier: What Business Owners Forecast

Written by Jeff Seifert, Global Rescue’s director of global partnerships, who works with thousands of travel industry businesses and travelers. The pandemic has caused major disruption on all fronts. But now businesses are starting to re-open. Airlines are increasing flight schedules. TSA screenings are up five-fold compared to early April.

Go NZ: Where is New Zealand’s oldest pub?

If you ask which pub is the oldest in New Zealand, be prepared for a hotly contested debate on the matter. There are several pubs that like to claim this title, depending on how you define “oldest pub”. Is it the date of the building? Or the date of its

Delta Air Lines Announces New Global Cleanliness Department

To help protect passengers and employees, Delta Air Lines announced it has established an internal Global Cleanliness department dedicated to innovating and evolving cleanliness standards. Delta’s Customer Experience division jumped into action when the coronavirus outbreak began and established new health standards for the airline. The carrier is now dedicating

New lawsuits claim Princess Cruises knew of coronavirus exposure before ships went to sea

Two new lawsuits allege that Princess Cruises didn’t take adequate steps to protect passengers on two ships that became the focus of international attention when they were struck by outbreaks of the coronavirus. © 2020 Getty Images FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA – MARCH 12: The Princess Cruises’ Caribbean Princess is seen docked at Port

Design firm proposes new airline seating arrangements in response to coronavirus pandemic

An Italian manufacturing firm has unveiled two of its concepts for aircraft seating in a post-coronavirus world, both of which propose some degree of physical separation among passengers seated in the same row. Aviointeriors, a company that was once mocked for its “standing” plane seats, shared both designs to social media this