Disney Purchases Over 26 Acres Near Magic Kingdom

Disney continues to acquire additional land in Florida, most recently buying more than two dozen acres just west of the Magic Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World Resort.

According to a report by the Orlando Business Journal citing Orange County records, an entity related to Burbank, California-based The Walt Disney Co., Celebration Co. purchased 26.3 acres on the southeastern shore of Reedy Lake from Winter Garden-based Lake Reedy Development Group LLC for $1.05 million on Tuesday.

The deal comes just a few months after Disney bought an adjacent 235 acres from Lake Reedy LLC for $6 million.

John Gerner, managing director of Richmond, Virginia-based Leisure Business Advisors LLC, speculated to the Journal that the December land purchase “could be used for a more upscale, exclusive getaway that feels isolated on the edge of Disney property.”

Nonetheless, Disney has not issued a statement regarding the acquisition.

#DisneyWorld just purchased 26.4 acres of land on Reedy Lake adjacent to a December purchase on the border of Disney Property. https://t.co/kimoTfR6tk pic.twitter.com/b4mxCTWakS

Meanwhile, the company’s theme parks and cruise line remain shutdown amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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Expo 2020 organisers to discuss possible delay

Organisers of Expo 2020 will meet via video conference on Monday to consider a delay to the event.

According to reports from the Middle East, a year-long postponement is one of several options to be discussed.

With the event due to begin on October 20th this year, a postponement to the spring is also possible.

Any final decision would have to be made by member states of the Paris-based Bureau International des Expositions, which awards the event.

However, beginning on time has not yet been ruled out.

In their most recent public statement, Expo 2020 organisers said only that they were keeping the coronavirus pandemic under observation.

Since then both Emirates and Etihad have ceased virtually all flights in the United Arab Emirates, while lockdowns on international travel have come into force around the world.

Government officials in Dubai have for years touted Expo 2020 as a potential bonanza for the destination, and have spent billions of dollars building hotels and facilities.

Dubai had previously expressed hopes to welcome 25 million international arrivals this year, with the event as a key driver.

A spokesman for the Bureau International des Expositions said the steering committee meeting would “reassess and adjust planned preparations”.

Any change of date requires a two-thirds majority vote from members.

The International Olympic Committee earlier this week took the previous unthinkable decision to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Games for a year.


For all the latest from Breaking Travel News on the coronavirus pandemic, take a look here.

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Past Theme Park Guests Post Disney Experiences for Others to Enjoy Virtually

While Disney theme parks may be temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they can still bring joy to the public with virtual experiences that families and individuals can enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

Although the Disney parks are not currently providing official virtual tours, former guests are uploading video recordings of their own experiences for their fellow Disney-lovers’ viewing pleasure. Through these videos, many people stuck at home are learning the value of living vicariously through others.

A quick search will provide plenty of ride-through videos taken at some of Disney’s most popular attractions. Thrill-seekers can stay dry while still enjoying the fun of Splash Mountain and then experience the rush of Space Mountain. Meanwhile, kids can see their favorite characters through footage of Ariel’s Undersea Adventure at Disneyland and Frozen Ever After at Epcot.

While it is not the same as experiencing the Happiest Place on Earth in person, it offers a nice reprieve from the monotony of day-to-day life confined to the house. In fact, many people have taken to using virtual experiences in order to avoid contracting both the novel coronavirus and cabin fever.

The fun doesn’t have to stop there either. Video-sharing websites like YouTube are full of ride-through videos from theme parks around the world. From the classic film-based rides of Universal Studios to the thrilling rollercoasters of Six Flags, amusement park-lovers can enjoy their favorite rides from their own couches.

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Welcomes New Baby Animals

While Walt Disney World Resort is temporarily closed to the public, the team at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has welcomed two new additions in the form of two adorable newborn animals.

A baby prehensile-tailed porcupine was born to mother Peri on February 25. Many Disney and animal lovers have been anticipating the birth since Peri was shown receiving an ultrasound by Disney veterinarian Dr. Natalie in the Disney+ documentary, One Day at Disney.

The newborn porcupine, also known as a porcupette, was confirmed to be a girl after the Animal Kingdom team sent some of her tiny quills for DNA testing.

We recently welcomed an adorable porcupette into the herd at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Read the full details now on the Disney Parks Blog. https://t.co/siyjZfXRuW #DisneyAnimals pic.twitter.com/tXEkFiWlmw

The unnamed porcupette is thriving under the loving care of her mother and the Animal Kingdom veterinary team.

Another Animal Kingdom family member joined the fold on Saturday, March 21, when Heidi the zebra gave birth to a healthy foal. The birth marks the third zebra birth at Walt Disney World.

Sneak a peek at the new baby Hartmann’s mountain zebra to join the herd at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Read the full story here: https://t.co/qiRLXcPu1Z #DisneyAnimals pic.twitter.com/EZV1oQ8A07

The zebra foal was also determined to be a little girl and was already standing and roaming about 30 minutes after birth. The unnamed foal and her mother quickly developed a strong bond. After a few more weeks of bonding, the mother-daughter pair will be introduced to the Kilimanjaro Safaris savannah-area of the park.

Both babies are part of the Species Survival Plan (SSP) program, which is overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and ensures responsible breeding and genetic diversity of thousands of species of animals.

Though the public cannot travel to see the adorable baby porcupine and zebra in person, they can visit Disney’s blog to receive updates on the newborns’ progress.

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Some future travel inspiration: the top 5 unique experiences in Mauritius – A Luxury Travel Blog

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed life as we all know it. International travel is suspended until further notice and countries are heightening restrictions – one by one going into lock-down to try and tackle the virus. This is an unsettling time for communities across the world as we adapt to life within our own four walls, but we are confident that the future of travel is bright and once this has passed, people will travel with more gratitude than ever before. One thing we know is that while we all adapt to life at home, reading and inspiration is going to be vital in keeping us connected to the world. We want to start by highlighting one of the most stunning islands in the Indian Ocean – Mauritius! While the island of Mauritius might appear to be crystal blue waters and untouched white beaches – it’s so much more. From gorgeous mountain landscapes and water-based activities to rum tasting and golfing, the paradisaical island is the perfect luxury getaway.

Ebony Forest Reserve Chamarel

Ebony Forest is a rare find in Chamarel, especially if you fancy a break from the good looking beaches of Mauritius! With less than 2% native forest remaining in Mauritius, the Ebony Forest is a jewel for nature lovers and those wishing to get closer to the island’s native species of wildlife and plant life. Once home to the Dodo, you can discover some of the last remaining rare endemic birds, such as the Mauritian Pink Pigeon and Flycatcher. Hike the raised walkway and explore the beautiful endemic forest, seeing the Ebony trees and the on-going plant restoration work. Whether you want to pass your time in a beautiful landscape, search for silence or enjoy breath-taking views from Sublime Point, the Ebony Forest leaves much to be discovered.

Ile Aux Cerfs

Situated on the East Coast of the island, Ile Aux Cerfs is an islet spread over 87 hectares of undeveloped land, surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and an abundance of warm crystal clear blue waters. It is also home to one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, the prestigious Ile Aux Cerfs Golf Club, curated by legendary pro-golfer, Bernhard Langer. At Ile Aux Cerfs, you can spend unforgettable moments exploring the island and serene lagoons. The coral reef is beautiful and full of marine life, an ideal place for diving and to enjoy the underwater world of Mauritius! You can either hire a private speed boat or join a catamaran tour with a delicious BBQ lunch and live music on the beach.

Seven Coloured Earths

Closely situated to the Rum distillery, you can also find the Seven Coloured Earths of Chamarel. These are sand dunes made up of seven different natural colours! This phenomenon attracts visitors from all over the world as the sand ripples with colour. It is a magical experience and highlight whilst in Mauritius. The rains have carved interesting shapes into the hillside, creating this extraordinary effect which visitors have seen since the 1960’s. The best time to visit is just before sunrise or around sunset because of the artistic show of colour and light. Geologists are still fascinated by multi-coloured dunes made up of reds, purples and yellows. The colours never fade in spite of the rainfall. After a visit to the dunes, you can visit the nearby Chamarel Waterfall which is the highest waterfall in Mauritius and the most iconic on the island.

Rhumerie de Chamarel Rum Distillery

When you think about rum, it’s easy to imagine yourself sitting at a little beachfront bar in the Caribbean, sipping on a cocktail, which boasts bold and delicious flavours. But did you know the tiny island of Mauritius is also a holiday mecca for rum tasting! In the centre of a fertile valley, in the Southern part of the island lies Rhumerie de Chamarel. Located 300 meters above sea level, this local rum distillery is one of the few places that grow sugarcane and distill it in the same place. When you book the rum tour, you’ll get to sample eight different varieties from vanilla, coffee, tangerine, and coconut! You can book a table for a late lunch at the Rhumerie de Chamarel restaurant and enjoy the complimentary rum tour. Or, if you do not want to eat, you can buy a ticket and take the tour by itself.

Port Louis

If you can tear yourself away from the tranquillity that Mauritius is famous for, head into the city capital of the island, Port Louis. It is a busy place full of life, colour and fascinating history. Developed by the French from the mid-18th century, Port Louis still maintains the French architecture and colonial buildings of the past. Soak up the hustle and bustle at the ‘Bazar Port Louis’ which translates to the Market of Port Louis. The first thing you notice on entering the market is the wonderful smells of exotic spices, tropical fruits and tasty street food, where a mix of ethnicity, African, Chinese, Indian and French, blend together for a very unique, Creole cuisine. Don’t miss the bite-sized samosas with smooth tamarind sauce, washed down with fresh pineapple and lime juice!

Matt Gannan is the CEO and Owner of Tucan Travel. Tucan Travel operate cultural tours in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, Asia and Europe, as well as tailor-made holidays in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

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