When can I fly internationally again?

It’s the question I am getting asked more than any other right now: when will it be safe to start booking international travel again? There are only a handful of international flights running to and from Australia at the moment, and anyone taking one of those into Australia faces two

10 of the best books set in Japan – that will take you there

When Japan was forced to “open up” in 1853 following more than 200 years of its sakoku policy, the country was a mystery to the outside world. In some ways it still is. But as an early adopter of western things, from ideas to clothes, it is easy to see

REX reveals new domestic routes

Regional Aussie airline REX has announced plans to lure passengers flying the popular Brisbane-Sydney-Melbourne route away from Virgin and Qantas. They have promised to raise $30 million in a bid to keep tickets affordable, and to include baggage and meals with airfares. See more: Brisbane named in the world’s top

The real Algarve: A white-washed village adrift in the kissing sea

Vitálio, 72, tubby and talkative, brushed lustrous hair, opens his barber shop at dawn. There’s a flow of customers blown in on the early tide – their fruit and veg picked and dug, fish hooked and delivered to the market at the end of the alley – and a handful

Holiday parks reopen: This UK holiday park is the only one to have this – what is it?

Holiday parks are garnering an impressive amount of bookings and enquiries this summer as more people ditch holidays abroad for a break closer to home. As the weather continues to blossom, the British countryside has never looked more appealing with caravan and holiday parks being the obvious choice for British

Seven remote escapes for your travel inspiration after coronavirus lockdown

ALASKA  The vast open spaces of Alaska’s national parks are a haven for all manner of flora and fauna, and nowhere encapsulates this more than Katmai National Park and Preserve. It has thousands of square miles of pristine wilderness and the world’s largest population of grizzly bears. There are some

Five best scenic drives near Leeds: Best Yorkshire driving routes near Leeds

Driving is an amazing way to explore a country and the UK is home to fantastic scenery. Leeds is a vibrant and exciting metropolis but sometimes escaping outside the city is just what the doctor ordered. Where are the best scenic drives in Yorkshire near Leeds? READ MORE Driving holidays

Can I go camping in the UK during lockdown?

British tourists and holidaymakers are likely to turn to domestic trips and camping breaks once lockdown restrictions are fully lifted, as it looks increasingly unlikely that summer holidays abroad will be a possibility this year. Campsite providers have started considering how they may be able to reopen safely when Brits

How to celebrate the summer solstice virtually

Sunrise over Stonehenge Gathering at Stonehenge to witness the midsummer sun rising behind the ancient site’s Heel Stone is still an option for this year – albeit virtually rather than in person. The spiritual significance of celebrating the solstice by the ancient stones, particularly to pagans and druids, means up