Pikes Peak Summit Complex construction update: Spring 2021 opening

COLORADO SPRINGS — Upon arriving at the top of Pikes Peak, visitors might not expect to see a bustling construction site in the middle of the breathtaking views they came for. Sometimes they pass by workers clad in hard hats and neon vests, like the site’s project manager Rob Clough,

Rediscovering America's Natural Beauty

There was a time when spending time outdoors was what people did. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people more than ever are itching to go somewhere new without putting themselves at risk. A 2017 study called The Nature of Americans National Report surveyed 12,000 Americans and found that

How Amsterdam is shining a light on its history of slavery

On the war monument looming over our tour group, a sculpture of a muscular man with African features appears to stride towards us; to our right is the former stock exchange where the spoils of his ancestors’ unpaid labour fattened the purses of 17th-century investors. Amsterdam’s Dam Square – tourist

Etihad Airways to resume flights to 15 more destinations, including 7 Indian cities

New destinations include Delhi, Cairo, Munich, Istanbul, Male and Manchester The UAE national carrier will resume flights to 7 Indian cities, including the capital Delhi, Bengaluru, Kozhikode, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kochi. Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways will resume flights to 15 more destinations in Europe, India, Middle East and Africa,

Volcanoes, glaciers, bookworms: 5 things to know about Iceland

REYKJAVIK – From its volcanoes and glaciers to its passion for books, here are five things to know about Iceland, which votes in a presidential election on Saturday. Land of ice… A vast North Atlantic island of 103,000 square kilometres (almost 40,000 square miles) nestled just under the Arctic Circle,

Pandemic Could Offer Opportunity to Finally End Cruel Elephant Training for Tourism

Many people have called for a global tourism reset when travel begins again in earnest after the COVID-19 outbreak. Suggestions include more sustainable practices and avoiding overtourism, reducing carbon footprints and more. One area where the traveling public can really make a difference—and have—is the fair, safe and humane treatment

VisitBritain, UK Government Develop Initiative Detailing Safety Protocols

In an effort to protect the health and safety of visitors once COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, VisitBritain is collaborating with the U.K. government to create a common Industry Quality Mark initiative. Details of the plan, which is being designed to reassure visitors that businesses are reopening with solid safety

European Attractions Enticing American Visitors Before International Travel Reopens

Tourist attractions in Europe are looking to entice travelers—including Americans—to return to their facilities as the European Union opened its borders to member nations on Monday. According to The Los Angeles Times, attractions such as the Palace of Versailles in France are hoping that travelers from all around the world

Everything you need to know about Dubai's relaxed travel plans

Stranded residents ready to return, overseas travel given the green light and tourists to be welcomed from next month There will be no restrictions on the overseas destinations that citizens and residents can travel to. After months of lockdown restrictions as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic Dubai has

Pangong Tso: Where India-China border crosses — in pictures

Portugal’s ambassador to London has called for a swift “air bridge” deal to avoid returning holidaymakers having to self-isolate for two weeks. Manuel Lobo Antunes made the demand as pressure grows on the government to ease the UK’s blanket quarantine rules. Since 8 June, almost all arrivals at UK airports,