The best vacation rentals in the Outer Banks on Airbnb and Vrbo

The best vacation rentals in the Outer Banks on Airbnb and Vrbo When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. When the hit Netflix series “Outer Banks” debuted in April 2020, it introduced many people to this string of barrier islands off

GO NZ: Cycling the Pureora Forest Park’s Timber Trail in Ruapehu

Elisabeth Easther pedals Pureora Forest Park’s acclaimed Timber Trail and declares it a treasure trove of trees, fresh air and just the right amount of mud. At 85km long, The Timber Trail is a game of two halves and, ever since I’d cycled both halves over two separate visits separated

14 Prehistoric Creatures That’ll Give You Nightmares

It’s not just dinos Dinos might get most of the glory in museums and on screen, but “when dinosaurs roamed the Earth” is still a bit of a blip compared to the entire time the planet has been around. There are scores more gigantic, toothy, and winged creatures that existed

Delta CEO Says Government Should Mandate Masks During Flight

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian said three weeks ago that while he believes wearing a face mask during flights is important, his airline will not forcibly remove anyone who doesn’t have a face-covering nor will it mandate wearing a mask. Instead, he is pleading for the federal government to

Greece could tighten lockdown restrictions after tourists bring spike in coronavirus cases

Greece could tighten lockdown restrictions after a spike in new coronavirus cases following the return of tourists. The Hellenic Republic reopened to foreign visitors on 15 June. By 18 June, World Health Organisation (WHO) figures revealed a rise in cases of 293 per cent. There are currently more active cases

Atlas Ocean Voyages Now Includes Complimentary Air

Atlas Ocean Voyages – the new “luxe-adventure” company that plans to launch its first ship in July 2021 – is now including complimentary economy air with all cruise bookings. And, through Sept. 30, the line is offering free business-class air for all suite bookings. After that, Atlas will offer upgrades

Everything you need to know about visiting Wales this summer

Unreliable weather aside, Wales makes for a near-perfect staycation destination as far as Britons are concerned. In 2019 alone, the country welcomed 87 million day trippers from the rest of the UK, generating almost £3.5m. The tourism industry in Wales accounts for almost 10 per cent of the country’s workforce

Greece: Sudden surge in COVID-19 cases amongst tourists sparks lockdown fear

Coronavirus figures in Greece have seen an increase in recent weeks, sparking a new lockdown fear in the nation. The country’s officials have suggested the rise in cases could be down to the sudden surge in tourism after borders reopened and travel was resumed for many nations around the world.